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We are a team of highly skilled React Native app developers who build cross-platform apps since the framework's inception in 2015. With several successful React Native app launches, we have helped our clients bring their apps to market quickly for both Android and iOS while maintaining the performance and user experience of a native app.

Our early adoption of React Native, combined with our award-winning expertise in building native apps, has given us a competitive edge in the industry. Our team's proficiency in building native apps using Swift and Java allows us to explore the full potential of React Native.

We have worked with various industries, including on-demand marketplaces, IoT, and health & wellness, among others. Our experience and expertise in React Native app development make

us a reliable and capable partner for your cross-platform app needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact our react native app development company today!

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Custom react native application development services

Our React Native app development firm collaborates with you to comprehend your product vision and identify how best React Native can align with your business objectives.

Our all-inclusive React Native mobile app development process is tailored to address your end-to-end development requirements. We cover all aspects of the development, from design to testing, ensuring that your product sets the benchmark for high app performance.


React Native Migration

We assist you in migrating your existing iOS or Android app to a React Native app with our migration expertise, ensuring that your app's performance remains seamless as we expand it to other mobile platforms, the web, and smart devices.


React Native Support
& Maintenance

Our React Native app developers acknowledge the significance of continuous upgrades and provide comprehensive support and maintenance long after the app's deployment.

Our React Native development is an excellent choice for apps that heavily depend on the user interface. With minimal effort, we can ensure the UI works seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms.


Integration Services

Our integration service involves the incorporation of third-party tools, APIs, and software modules into a React Native app to enhance its functionality and performance.

How we established ourself to be a reputable react native app development company?

Our expertise lies in delivering applications with near-native quality while minimizing development time and effort. As a premier React Native app development company, we have honed our approaches and methods, enabling us to deploy numerous innovative solutions worldwide. Our React Native application developers in the USA are readily available to meet your requirements anytime, anywhere.

Awards & Recognitions
Our Recent Work

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The Wyze App Helps You Lead A Safer And Smarter Life At Home. Based In Seattle, WA, Wyze Ensures To Make Smart Tech Accessible To All. Their Services And Prices Are Backed By Over 5 Million Users. So, Join Wyze And Get Super-Accessible Tech At Affordable Rates.

Maximize Possibilities: Collaborate with Skilled Developers for React Native App Development

Open up a world of possibilities by collaborating with our team of skilled developers for React Native app development. Our agency offers the expertise of talented React Native app developers for hire, ready to bring your app ideas to life. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, they will create powerful and efficient cross-platform applications that deliver seamless user experiences. Partnering with our React Native app development agency ensures that you have access to top-notch professionals dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Maximize the potential of your app by working with our team of skilled React Native developers.


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An insight into our react native app development process

Idea Valuation

We encourage direct research, conduct user surveys, and analyze customer requirements to enhance the app idea for optimal outcomes.



After analyzing the data flow structures, we develop scalable and high-performing prototypes that are further validated by clients, resulting in substantial cost savings in native app development



We prioritize every touchpoint to provide superior and memorable user experiences as user experience is crucial for personalization.


App Development

We create a streamlined roadmap for a smooth and manageable project development journey.


Quality Assurance

To ensure a successful app, we conduct multiple tests for compatibility, interoperability, and portability before launch.



Upon completion of the above processes, our mobile experts ensure a successful app launch, ready to go live.


Got an app idea in mind? Allow react native app developers to help you bring it to life!

Contact our experts now to get started with our react native app development services.


Highest Tiers Of React Native Application Development Solutions


To aid FinTech startups and established businesses in their digital transformation efforts, our mobile app development service provides best-in-class FinTech app development services.

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Social Networking

Our comprehensive social networking app solutions provide a channel for businesses, brands, and enterprises to have meaningful conversations, share experiences, create and publish original content, advertise, promote, discover, buy, and sell, and cover a wide range of topics that will increase their ROI, strengthen their credibility, and establish themselves as a distinct force in their industry.

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Why Choose Us for react native application development services?

Our react native application developers have set a track record for offering only the smoothest react native app development services. Here’s what makes us stand out!

Dedicated Resource On Demand

We provide dedicated resources on demand, which means clients can have dedicated developers or teams working on their projects according to their needs.


Regular Reporting

We provide regular reporting, which means clients can keep track of the progress of their projects in real time


App Maintenance and Support

Our app maintenance and support services allow clients to rely on us to ensure their apps continue to function properly after deployment. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and other maintenance tasks


Custom React Native App Development

We develop apps according to our client's unique needs and requirements. Compared to pre-made solutions, this enables more freedom and personalization..


On-Time Delivery

We have a track record of delivering projects on time, which means clients can meet their deadlines. This is crucial for businesses that need to launch their apps on schedule to capitalize on market opportunities


Mobile Apps Company Lauded By Clients.

5.0 rating on

Jerome Montgomery

“I highly recommend the people at Hoff & Mazor for mobile app development services. Not only they were kind and courteous but explained every process to someone as technologically challenged as me. I didn’t know a mobile application can have so much benefit and these people helped me realize and see for it myself.”

Alex West

“We had worked with a number of vendors off the web until we found Hoff & mazor a mobile app development firm who changed the game. Before we had a buggy and slow app..now its all changed thanks to the robust developmental process these guys put.”

Kathleen Becker

“I have a vegan food business and wanted to create a smartphone app to deliver vegan products to my customers across 10 states. Thankfully hoff & mazor mobile apps company took the approach nicely and developed an app which works like a charm.”

Candace Walton

“Our company has worked with Hoff & Mazor over two projects, and they have delivered only the best kind of service. We have worked over a course of months in ideation and strategy and then development which turned out to be massive for our organization.”

Benjamin T. Walz

“Hoff & mazor helped me launch the most desirable app for my customers. We worked over a year creating this stunning app which continues to do wonders for my company. Tbh, I didn’t expect to get enough out of what I paid but they made sure to stay proactive in their service.”

Frequently Asked Questions!

A native app is a mobile application developed specifically for a particular platform using the platform's native programming languages and tools. Choosing native app development offers several benefits. Native apps provide the best performance, as they are optimized to run on the specific platform, taking full advantage of its capabilities. They have access to native APIs, allowing seamless integration with device features like camera, GPS, and push notifications. Our company specializes in react native app development, which combines the performance of native apps with the flexibility of web development.

We offer native app development services for both iOS and Android platforms. Our team of skilled react native app developers has expertise in developing applications that are fully optimized and tailored for each platform. Whether you need an app for iOS, Android, or both, our react native app development company can deliver high-quality solutions to meet your specific requirements.

The development timeline for a native app depends on various factors, such as complexity, features, and design requirements. It is best to discuss your app idea with our team of react native app developers to get a more accurate estimate. Our react native app development services focus on efficient project management and timely delivery. We strive to provide a realistic development timeline while ensuring the highest quality standards for your native app.

Native app development offers several advantages over other app development approaches. First, native apps provide the best performance and user experience, as they are specifically designed for a particular platform. They have access to the platform's features and APIs, resulting in smoother interactions and faster response times. Native apps also benefit from better security and integration with other native applications. As a react native app development company, we leverage these advantages to deliver powerful and engaging apps for our clients.

Yes, we provide comprehensive post-launch support and updates for native apps. Our react native app development services include ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, and feature enhancements to ensure the smooth functioning of your app. We understand the importance of keeping your app up-to-date with the latest platform updates and security patches. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable support and timely updates to keep your native app running seamlessly.

If you are looking to hire react native app developers, our company offers experienced professionals who are skilled in developing high-quality react native applications. You can hire our dedicated react native app developers to work on your project and bring your app idea to life.

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