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We’ve been at it for years, focusing on creating apps that make it easier for our clients to gain traction and thrive. Proficient in iOS technologies, Hoff & Mazor has a track record of creating and deploying complex iOS apps. Our skilled and experienced iOS developers love to take on iOS challenges and create effective iOS apps. At Hoff & Mazor, we create iOS apps that become your success stories


iPhone Apps Development Services Tailored to Perfection iOS App Development Consultation


Ongoing maintenance and timely updates are part of our long term developmental services.

Periodic Maintenance

Our long-term development services include regular upkeep and updates.

iOS UI/UX Design

We make sure your app’s aesthetic and visuals are all well according to the best-in-class practices worldwide.

Custom iOS Application

Certain apps require customized development, and we specialize in doing more than just what’s required.

iOS Software Testing

Every app is run through rigorous beta and AB testing procedures to filter out bugs and lags

Multi-platform Deployment

Apps are deployed on various platforms for maximum traction.

Our iPhone Apps Development Service Leading a Benchmark Every Step of the Way

Hoff & Mazor continues to empower more and more brands and companies looking to take their business and brand identity to the next level. We are helping ideas take center and become enterprise level mobile apps that continue to earn satisfaction and needs of the end users.

At Hoff & Mazor, we build iOS apps that millions engage with throughout the world. We power companies through a unique digital experience across platforms and places. We understand that you want to offer your customers and workers a convenient way to engage with you. Therefore, custom iPhone app development caters to standards that meet your needs better and cost-effectively.

We are excited to work with companies who are making a significant change in the lives of people using their products. At the core of our iOS app development service, we make sure they get to do a seamless job by creating products that work.

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Our Recent Work


The Wyze App Helps You Lead A Safer And Smarter Life At Home. Based In Seattle, WA, Wyze Ensures To Make Smart Tech Accessible To All. Their Services And Prices Are Backed By Over 5 Million Users. So, Join Wyze And Get Super-Accessible Tech At Affordable Rates.


Viator is a trip advisor application that offers amazing travel experiences, tours, and booking facilities across the world. You can access tickets offline, manage and book trips, pay in installments, and determine your place of stay in advance. Viator offers trip consultancy at the most cost-effective rates.


K-mint is an all-in-one crypto wallet that allows you to manage De-Fi, blockchain games, and all your virtual assets from one place. It features minimum exchange quantity, various profit-generating services, and a range of mini-apps.


Featuring PVP capabilities, DiCast is an RPG board game combined with a fast-paced and simple mix of randomness and strategy. Defeat competitors worldwide and get a chance to become the best DiCast of all!


The Wyze App Helps You Lead A Safer And Smarter Life At Home. Based In Seattle, WA, Wyze Ensures To Make Smart Tech Accessible To All. Their Services And Prices Are Backed By Over 5 Million Users. So, Join Wyze And Get Super-Accessible Tech At Affordable Rates.


Hoff & Mazor has helped more than 500 companies in strengthening their brand awareness by creating apps with innovative, and attractive UI/UX Designs. We design customized strategies as per clients’ needs. Customer satisfaction fuels us to keep going.


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A Look Inside Our IOS Application Development Process


Our app designers will work with you to plan the best way to turn your concept into a fully functional mobile app that will impress your clientele.



The pinnacle of a successful app is its user experience, so you should go to great lengths to ensure your app looks and feels just right.



The app goes through multiple rounds of testing to make sure it doesn't have any hiccups in its development like delays or bugs that could ruin the user's experience.


Evaluation & Strategy

We meticulously dissect every procedure, document our findings, and devise hunches for tackling the most pressing problems.


App Creation

The much-anticipated phase in which our programmers actually start making progress on the groundwork by our application designers


Set Up & Maintenance

Once development is finished, your app will be released to hosting platforms, and post-launch maintenance will begin. We offer timely updates as an add-on in our holistic iPhone apps development service.


We'll Help You Establish Your Brand

We do not stop at anything short of providing comprehensive digital brand management services. If you need help developing or improving your brand, our specialists have you covered. Our digital branding services can be used by a diverse clientele, so don't be shy about reaching out to us. For all your company's branding requirements, we have the up-to-date knowledge and innovative ideas you need.

Highest Tiers Of Mobile Applications Development Solutions


To aid FinTech startups and established businesses in their digital transformation efforts, our mobile app development service provides best-in-class FinTech app development services.

  • Easier Transactions
  • Optimum Security
  • Expense Management


By streamlining appointment scheduling, patient assessment, and treatment, mobile healthcare apps benefit both patients and doctors.

  • Book Appointments
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Track Progress


A fitness app allows a trainer to communicate with a client, establish a routine or goal, monitor the client's progress, and offer advice.

  • Fitness Tracker
  • Training Programs
  • Health Data


Our team of experts is confident that our sports app features will keep users engaged and establish us as a market leader in the sports app space.

  • Find Tickets
  • Sports News
  • Score Updates and Live Stream


An industry-leading app studio that is revolutionizing education for millions of instructor and learners.

  • Training Programs
  • Training Materials
  • Meeting Portals


If you're looking for innovative food delivery options, look no further than our platform. Our cutting-edge AI-driven technology will give your app concept wings and propel your company to the top.

  • Order Online
  • Tracking
  • Quick Payments


Get your travel and tourism business online by teaming up with a reliable custom software development firm.

  • Book Hotels
  • Travel Tips
  • Translations


A business mobile app can boost return on investment (ROI) from existing customers while drawing in new ones. Our business mobile app development service can help you set off ground efficiently.

  • • Sales & Marketing
  • • Human Resource
  • • Business Productivity

Social Networking

Our comprehensive social networking app solutions provide a channel for businesses, brands, and enterprises to have meaningful conversations, share experiences, create and publish original content, advertise, promote, discover, buy, and sell, and cover a wide range of topics that will increase their ROI, strengthen their credibility, and establish themselves as a distinct force in their industry.

  • Online Dating
  • Meet and Collaborate
  • Video Calls, Messaging, Social Media


Beat competition and enthrall your target audience with a cutting-edge entertainment app.

  • Gaming Dating
  • Media Streaming
  • Buy Tickets

Why Pick Hoff & Mazor for Your IOS App Development Needs?

We take pride in our iPhone app development services, having launched some of the most popular apps ever on the store.

A Practical Approach for Businesses

We have an excellent group of business analysts who can turn your app concept into a robust platform suitable for large corporations. As a result of our analysts' diligent efforts, your app will effectively represent your brand to your target audience.


High Scalability

Our company allocates the most available resources and provides continuous support and guidance throughout the entire product development cycle.


All-Inclusive Approach

The app development team we assign to you will be intimately familiar with your company and its goals, so you won't have to worry about coordinating with multiple groups. The entire process of planning, prototyping, development, and testing will be managed by a single group.


High-Quality Innovations in Technology

Whenever there is a lot of competition, there's no room for giving an inch. Putting extra effort into the technical aspects of your app's design will pay off in the long run. Fifth, custom app development that takes into account each individual user's requirements and wishes is the current hot trend. We design individualized strategies for your situation while keeping the big picture in mind.


Complete Clarity

Every client is kept abreast of progress throughout the entire development process, including all interventions and rounds of testing



Mobile Apps Company Lauded By Clients.

5.0 rating on

Earl Lucas

“Hoff & Mazor has helped our company develop and sustain the best quality of iOS apps. We were hoping to cut a deal with other developers but our talks went well with these guys because they were the most professional and offered the most dedicated solutions for our product.”

Emily Moore

“I did not understand how an app could do wonders for our business. Hoff & Mazor Company walked us through the entire project, helping us get an idea of what we were walking into. Now we continue to enjoy good revenue and happy customers because they love our apps.”

Reginald Keller

“We tried many development companies off the internet until finding a good deal with Hoff & Mazor for custom iPhone app development. Fortunately they helped us through the entire developmental process because we as a family business did not have much technical knowledge of how mobile apps work.”

Al Taylor

“We acquired the services of Hoff n Mazor for our iOS projects and luckily we kicked off on a good note. We worked with them for over a year and they delivered us some of the best functional apps.”

Kirk Sparks

“I wanted an iOS app because my clientele are mostly iPhone users. Hoff & Mazor were the first company in the list of iphone app development services I came across on an easy google search. Luckily, they created the best package for me and we went over everything. Now we have the best working app that we could ever ask for!”

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of each application's processing time can change. After each concept has been evaluated, a plan of action and iterative development cycle are created. A mobile app's development cycle can extend over a year or more

Our services are among the most cost-effective in the market. You can pay between $80,000 and $160,000 for our assistance.

As soon as development, testing, and deployment are complete, the client receives ownership of all intellectual property rights.

The goal of cross-platform app development is to create apps for multiple platforms using a single codebase. In contrast, cross-platform app development doesn't necessitate multiple teams working independently to build the same app for multiple platforms.

After we've completed our mobile app development services and your app has been released, you are free to do whatever you like with it.

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