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Shopping Mall Navigation App Design & Development Solutions We Provide

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User Registration and Login

Allow your customers to become a part of your mall community so it is easy for you to promote your business and contact them in the future.

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Mall Selection and Search

Ensure the right customers end up at the right shops and places by enabling them to search for whatever they need.

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Indoor Map and Navigation

Avoid your customers getting lost and frustrated so that nothing ruins their good day and amazing shopping experience.

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Real-time Location Tracking

Make it easy for friends and big families to meet up in your shopping mall and boost their overall experience.

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Turn-by-Turn Directions

matter how far or deep the location is, make it easy for your customers to find the shop they need without getting lost

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Additional Features

Add whatever features you want to your application that you think your customers can use to better their shopping experience.


Shopping Mall Navigation App Development Company Your Business Needs

Before, shopping malls weren't as common as they are now. Every business and housing area has about 2-3 shopping mall giants fighting over market share. When the products and services your mall offers are identical, there is only one thing you can use to gain a competitive advantage and land a bigger market share. And that's customer service and experience. If you can provide better services and customer experience, you can ensure an increase in your market share. Now, the question is how can you do this? One of the best ways to achieve this milestone is to hire the best Shopping Mall Navigation app development agency and create a user-friendly, fully functional, and perfectly operational shopping mall navigation app that boosts the shopping experience of the customers that walk into your shopping mall. Nothing beats indoor mapping and navigation especially when it comes to big unknown places. Looking for the best Shopping Mall Navigation app development services? You came to the right place!

Let's Develop a Mobile App for Shopping Mall Navigation for Your Customers

Using a shopping mall navigation app to improve your customers' experience might be an effective way to increase market share and your overall revenues, but executing the strategy isn't so simple. Creating an app that is engaging, appealing, and easy to navigate isn't an easy task, especially if you want it to contain multiple useful features. But that all changes when you decide to hire the professional services of our best Shopping Mall Navigation app development company. How, you ask? We have designed and developed numerous successful shopping navigation apps for different shopping mall owners all over the world, meaning our Shopping Mall Navigation app development agency knows what your target audience desires. All you have to do is tell us your vision and what kind of overall appeal you want your app to have and we will handle the rest with perfect certainty that your customers are going to love whatever we are going to dish out. And if you are worried about the Shopping Mall Navigation app development cost, well, don't be, because we always work within the budgets of our clients.


You Know You Are Going to Lose to Your Competitors, right?

If your rival shopping malls have a shopping navigation app for their customers while you don't, you are going to lose the fight. But together, we can turn the tables!


But Why Our Shopping Navigation App Development Services?

Experienced & Dedicated

Our in-house app designers and developers don't just command experience, but you will also find them just as dedicated to their art because we have standards to maintain.


Timely Deliveries

We know how important deadlines are, which is why we never fail to meet them. If we agree on a date, expect us to deliver you the completed application when the date arrives.


Unrivaled Market Prices

You won't find better prices for the same level of value elsewhere. When it comes to offering the best bang for your buck, no one has us beat. Whatever your budget might be, we can make it work.


Other Amazing Shopping Navigation Apps We Made


Mallway revolutionizes your shopping experience. Navigate with ease, discover exciting stores, and stay connected with friends. Enjoy interactive indoor maps, real-time location tracking, turn-by-turn directions, and exclusive features that enhance your mall journey.

  • Interactive Indoor Maps
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Social Connectivity
  • Exclusive In-App Features

Point Inside

Point Inside is your ultimate mall companion. Uncover hidden gems, explore the best deals, and effortlessly find your way with turn-by-turn guidance. Stay connected with friends and access exclusive in-app features for a personalized and exciting shopping adventure.

  • Mall Directory with Hidden Gems
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Real-time Social Connectivity
  • Exclusive Deals and Offers
  • Personalized Shopping Experience

EA Mall Navigator

EA Mall Navigator redefines mall exploration. Seamlessly plan your shopping trip, locate stores, and enjoy real-time location sharing with friends. Our app offers indoor navigation, turn-by-turn directions, and exclusive features, ensuring a delightful and connected mall experience for all.

  • Mall Trip Planning
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Real-time Location Sharing
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Exclusive Mall Perks and Features

Shopping Mall Navigation App Development Services for Your Brand

To better serve your customers, you can't afford to compromise on the quality of service you provide, because if they feel that your competition is doing a better job, you will start to lose your market share. The best way to ensure your customers receive the best value and shopping experience, you need the help of experienced professionals who know what they are doing and what your target audience demands. Our in-house app experts can develop a Shopping Mall Navigation app that maximizes the customer satisfaction level. The shopping navigation app we will deliver will not just be easy to use and explore, but it will allow your customers to discover every part of your shopping mall. Meaning, they will always find what they are looking for!

Let’s Ensure Your Customers Can Navigate Their Way to Your Shopping Mall

We can help you create a premium feel to your brand and shopping mall that leads heavy customer traffic right to your mall’s entrance.



Mobile Apps Company Lauded By Clients.

5.0 rating on

Jerry Brown

“Love this app! I used to get so turned around in the mall, especially with the kids. This navigation app saved the day! Found the store I needed in seconds, and even discovered a new play area for the little ones.”


Mark Albert

“This navigation app saved me from wandering around lost. Needed that new pair of jeans at Macy's, and the app took me right there. No more wrong turns!”


Flynn Cooper

“My wife and I are terrible at navigating malls. This app has made our shopping trips so much smoother. Now we can find what we're looking for quickly, and no more arguments about where to park. Definitely worth checking out!”


Nick T. Walz

“This app is exactly what I needed. The interactive map is super easy to use, and it even shows me current store promotions. It's like having a personal shopping assistant in my pocket!”


Gwen Montgomery

“We wanted to offer a more modern shopping experience, and this navigation app did the trick. Shoppers are raving about it, and it's helped us attract new tenants too. A win-win!”

Frequently Asked Questions

A shopping mall navigation app can significantly enhance your customers' experience by providing seamless indoor navigation and turn-by-turn directions. With intuitive maps, shoppers easily locate stores, restaurants, amenities, and entertainment options. Real-time location tracking allows friends or family to find each other effortlessly. This fosters convenience and a sense of security, especially in large malls. Additionally, exclusive offers and personalized deals within the app incentivize visits and boost customer loyalty. Overall, the app streamlines the shopping process, leading to higher satisfaction and a positive brand image for your mall.
Integrating our shopping mall navigation app yields numerous advantages. Firstly, it serves as a powerful marketing tool, attracting tech-savvy shoppers seeking seamless navigation experiences. This increased foot traffic translates into higher sales and revenue for your mall's tenants. Moreover, the app's real-time location tracking provides valuable insights into visitor flow and hotspots, enabling optimized tenant placements. Additionally, personalized deals and promotions within the app further encourage customer visits and spending. Our app's user-friendly interface ensures customers are comfortable using it, further enhancing their shopping journey and fostering brand loyalty.
Absolutely! We understand the importance of maintaining your shopping mall's unique identity. Our team works closely with you to tailor the app's design, incorporating your branding elements and ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your mall's layout. From logos and color schemes to custom icons representing stores, we meticulously craft the app to reflect your brand's aesthetics. This level of customization not only provides a consistent experience for users but also reinforces your mall's distinctive image, setting it apart from competitors and resonating with shoppers.
The real-time location tracking feature benefits shoppers by facilitating easy navigation within the mall and enabling them to find friends or family members quickly. This enhances their shopping experience, as they feel more connected and secure. For mall management, the feature offers invaluable insights into visitor flow, popular areas, and peak traffic times. Understanding shopper behavior and preferences helps optimize tenant placements and layout design for improved customer engagement. Additionally, such data-driven analytics enable timely responses to customer needs, enhancing overall mall operations and fostering a thriving shopping environment.
Yes! Our shopping mall navigation app is equipped with a robust system that allows you to offer exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts to app users. By leveraging user preferences and behavior data, you can create personalized offers that entice shoppers to visit your mall and explore its offerings further. This not only boosts foot traffic and revenue but also cultivates customer loyalty, as shoppers feel valued and rewarded for their patronage. Exclusive in-app offers also incentivize repeat visits, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between your mall and its customers.
Ensuring maximum user comfort is a priority for us. We design the app with a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. In-app tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on using various features, ensuring shoppers quickly adapt to the app's functionalities. Our responsive customer support team is readily available to assist users with any inquiries or technical difficulties, providing prompt and reliable solutions. Regular updates based on user feedback and preferences ensure the app remains user-centric and continuously evolves to meet the changing needs of your shoppers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable app experience for all.
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