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Are you planning to open a taxi business? We can help you launch a brand new app in the following niches:


Want to launch your very own taxi business? We can help you create a stellar app for it. Our taxi app developers can help you handle your bookings and trips easily. From automated invoice generation to tracking drivers, we can develop a powerful app for your customers.


Are you a multiple-car owner who wants to rent cars for business? We provide top-notch car booking app development services at affordable rates. We can help your customers choose from a fleet of your cars and pay for the services online. Contact us today to get a free quote.


Want to let people ride in style at cost-effective rates? Our team can help you design a unique and professional limousine service application to provide your customers with a premium rental service. Let your clients book classy limos with our limousine app development services.


Company directors and top-level executives require a cab daily to commute to work. However, it can be difficult for them to find a taxi on time every day. With corporate taxi app development services, you can let yourself and your employees be on time. The corporate taxi business is a complete solution for higher officials.


Do you find it difficult to manage your vehicle? Our fleet management app development services can help you track your vehicle 24/7, learn about its repair condition, and generate invoices. Our customized fleet management app development service is the solution you need to manage your vehicles.


Politicians, government officials, celebrities, and higher authorities often require a private jet or helicopter to visit from one city to another on short notice. Your air taxi business can help such individuals reach places efficiently. Hire us to develop an air taxi application for a better, safer, and faster-traveling experience.



We are a professional taxi app development company that can optimize your fleet business and help you track, monitor, and generate invoices with your vehicles online.

Part-time employees, high-ranking officials, or businessmen wish to connect with drivers to commute to work daily, which is why your uber-like taxi app solution is much needed. The Taxi app solution allows customers to book taxis, limousines, private jets/helicopters, and car rental services at the tip of their fingertips.

Hoff & Mazor is a professional taxi app development company that can optimize your fleet business and help you track, monitor, and generate invoices with your vehicles online.

Start your taxi booking app with our custom taxi booking app development services. Whether you want something revolutionary built from scratch or an uber-like app, we can create one for you. Our services feature:

  • On-demand taxi app development services
  • Sleek interface
  • Integrated payment methods.


Get free consultation and let us know your project idea to turn it into an amazing digital product.


We take pride in developing, launching, and maintaining top-notch taxi app solutions in the industry. The best kind of app is one that offers the best user experience. So make sure you go to great lengths to make your cab booking app development smooth, user-friendly, and secure.


Want to launch a taxi booking business online? Our taxi app developers can help you out. We develop, design, launch, and monitor taxi applications for our clients at affordable rates. All you have to do is schedule a call with us and let us know your niche to get ready-made tax software solutions for your business.



We are a white-label taxi app development company that customizes taxi booking app solutions for you to meet your needs. We can customize notification integration, server setup, app store submissions, support and maintenance, and security compliance for your uber-like taxi booking app effectively.



Our taxi app development ensures to build an all-in-one taxi booking app. Booking a ride, marking multiple stops along the way, texting the driver, paying online- you name it! Get an all-inclusive taxi booking app developed by our team.



Our app development team allocates the latest technologies and resources to develop your taxi booking app throughout the product development cycle. Individuals who worry about sharing their credit/debit card information to pay online have nothing to worry about. Our services are secure, scalable, and transparent. Your data remains confidential and will not be seen by the driver or any third-party app.


Advance Booking

This feature allows customers to book rides in advance so they don't have to rush or get stressed out at the last minute. Scheduled booking is effective when you have to be somewhere on time, e.g., at the airport or a meeting in another city.

Multiple Stops

Oftentimes, there are 3-4 passengers in a taxi who wish to get dropped off at different locations. Our multiple-stop features let you make multiple stops along the way.

Save Destinations

Are there some destinations you travel to again and again? You can save your frequently visited places to avoid entering the pin location every time you have to visit these places.

Special Requests

If a rider needs a baby seat or has too much luggage, or requires enhanced safety, they can make special requests on the app to find the most suitable ride for their needs.

Fare Calculator

Our fare calculator takes into account the ride you booked, the estimated travel time, and the destination you chose to calculate the right fare for your ride. Rest assured, it doesn’t overprice.


Once you have booked a ride, you will be able to see the estimated time of arrival of your driver. Once the driver has arrived at your location, you will then see the status of your ride and the estimated time to complete your ride.

My Destination

If the driver wishes to go to a certain location and get a ride along the way, this feature will allow him to connect with people who want to book a ride for the same location. This enables drivers to earn without changing their default route.

Driver Dashboard

The driver's dashboard lets them know their total earnings, upcoming rides, past rides, number of hours spent driving, and other such information. It will also inform them of their ratings and reviews from customers.

Real-Time Requests

Drivers need to receive real-time requests to be able to get rides within the vicinity. This enhances their earnings and gets customers to book rides promptly.

Rating & Reviews

Drivers can learn how people rate their behavior, language, and professionalism through the app. With prompt customer feedback, drivers can improve their driving and attitude for the next rides.

Multiple Vehicle Option

Drivers who have multiple vehicles can enlist all of them on the taxi application. When going out for the day, they can choose which car to use to determine good payments.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is one of the best features of the taxi applications we develop. It enables drivers to reach their riders’ doorstep and drop them off at the right location without getting lost.

Assign Trips

Not all riders understand the use of technology to book rides online. Such individuals can call a number for booking and the admin’s panel will sign a driver for them.

Customer Grievances

Admins will be able to review the customer feedback and tend to their grievances after a small evaluation report.

Fare Management

This option allows admins to set the fare of the trip based on surge pricing, toll rates, fare per mile, waiting time, etc.

Admin Reports

This option allows you to automatically generate reports on rides. The information comprises the trips covered, the total number of cars enlisted on the app, the drivers available, etc.

Virtual Block

Admins can virtually block a particular driver for reasons whatsoever. This means that even if a driver is online, they won’t get any trips.

Admin Dashboard

The admin’s dashboard allows them to check trip history, driver information, set up fares, commission, etc. it helps you run your business smoothly.


Shuttle - powered by Via

Hoff & Mazor is proud to have developed a unique and high-ranking taxi application for android and iOS users. Shuttle - powered by Via is a smart, on-demand ride-sharing service that brings you the best way to check bus connections on campus.

Here Are Some Features Of This Mobile Application:

  • Secured transactions
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Data encryption
  • Safe login
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Smart

SWOOP: Taxis

Swoop-Taxis is another tremendous application that Hoff & Mazor built that received worldwide recognition and appreciation from customers online. The taxi booking application allows you to:

Here are some features of this mobile application:

  • Book a cab ride
  • Pay online or via cash
  • Schedule a ride for later
  • Rate your driver
  • Chat with your driver
  • Pinpoint your current location
  • Rate your riding experience

Onde - Ride-hailing tech

Hoff & Mazor can help you grow an existing business just like it did for Onde-Ride hailing tech. This app has all the features for you to be ahead of the game! We created leading-edge apps trusted by 200+ on-demand services in 60+ countries. Onde is a supreme fleet management platform that lets people track their vehicles, invoices, and location efficiently. Onde- ride-hailing tech is:

  • Custom made
  • Built for an existing business
  • Features data security
  • Online taxi booking anywhere and anytime



Our taxi app development process begins with understanding your requirements and learning about your organizational goals. We identify a suitable solution for your business needs and plan ideas that reflect your business values. Whether you need a booking application for taxi services, limousines, rent a car, or air taxis, Hoff & Mazor can manage your fleet effectively.


At this stage, our taxi application developers will create a blueprint to help you understand what your taxi application would look like. We produce a wireframe for each screen and take your immediate feedback to install various features at the time of designing the taxi booking application.


Our team will initiate the taxi app designing process and prepare the design elements initially shown to you during the wireframing stage. We will receive your suggestion throughout the designing phase and ensure to create an application that meets your business needs.


We leverage innovative minds and modern technologies to develop unique android and iOS taxi booking apps online. Our development phase comprises front and back-end development, organizing features and main sections, and getting an update on every milestone we achieve.


Our taxi app developers will test your application for bugs and viruses and ensure it is easy for users to use and understand. The testing of mobile applications will fix bugs, coding errors, and performance.


Once the taxi booking application is ready to launch, we will deploy it on various platforms like Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows. We will deploy the app to your business's main server and offer consistent maintenance and support to make sure your mobile application functions well and without errors.


Our taxi app development company integrates all the essential features required to run your online taxi booking business.


Our taxi app developers ensure to develop a mobile application that allows your customers to hail a taxi for global platforms.


Our taxi booking applications for android and iOS users are rich with features and solutions that let drivers reach a broader audience and provide superior services.


Our customized support offers solutions that let you stack your business needs efficiently.


We offer free maintenance and supports post-launch. We develop a taxi application as per your needs and cater to fixing bugs and errors for the next three months.


Get free consultation and let us know your project idea to turn it into an amazing digital product.


Mobile Apps Company Lauded By Clients.

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Alex West

“We had worked with a number of vendors off the web until we found Hoff & mazor a mobile app development firm who changed the game. Before we had a buggy and slow app..now its all changed thanks to the robust developmental process these guys put.”

Kathleen Becker

“I have a vegan food business and wanted to create a smartphone app to deliver vegan products to my customers across 10 states. Thankfully hoff & mazor mobile apps company took the approach nicely and developed an app which works like a charm.”

Candace Walton

“Our company has worked with Hoff & Mazor over two projects, and they have delivered only the best kind of service. We have worked over a course of months in ideation and strategy and then development which turned out to be massive for our organization.”

Benjamin T. Walz

“Hoff & mazor helped me launch the most desirable app for my customers. We worked over a year creating this stunning app which continues to do wonders for my company. Tbh, I didn’t expect to get enough out of what I paid but they made sure to stay proactive in their service.”

Jerome Montgomery

“I highly recommend the people at Hoff & Mazor for mobile app development services. Not only they were kind and courteous but explained every process to someone as technologically challenged as me. I didn’t know a mobile application can have so much benefit and these people helped me realize and see for it myself.”

Frequently Asked Questions!

A taxi app is a mobile application that allows passengers to book rides and drivers to find and accept those ride requests. For passengers, a taxi app provides a user-friendly interface to enter their pickup and drop-off locations, select the type of vehicle they prefer, and confirm their ride request. The app connects them with available drivers nearby, provides real-time tracking of the driver's location, and allows for seamless cashless payments. For drivers, a taxi app provides a platform to receive ride requests, view passenger details and pickup locations, and navigate efficiently using GPS. As a taxi app design & development company, we specialize in creating robust and scalable taxi app solutions that cater to the unique needs of passengers and drivers.

When developing a taxi app, it is crucial to incorporate key features that enhance usability, safety, and convenience for both passengers and drivers. Some essential features include a user-friendly interface, real-time ride booking and tracking, multiple payment options, driver and vehicle selection, fare estimation, reviews and ratings, in-app messaging and communication, trip history, SOS button for emergencies, and seamless integration with popular payment gateways. By leveraging our taxi app development services, we can create a custom app that encompasses these features to meet the specific requirements of your taxi business.

Yes, a taxi app can integrate with popular payment gateways to facilitate cashless transactions. Integrating with payment gateways allows passengers to pay for their rides using various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, or mobile payment apps. It provides a secure and convenient payment option for passengers, eliminates the need for cash transactions, and ensures a seamless payment experience. Our taxi app development company has expertise in integrating with a wide range of payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process for your app users.

Ensuring safety and security for passengers is of utmost importance in a taxi app. There are several measures that can be incorporated to achieve this. Features such as driver verification, where drivers undergo background checks and provide necessary documentation, help establish trust and enhance passenger safety. Real-time ride tracking allows passengers to share their trip details with family and friends, providing an extra layer of security. In-app SOS buttons or emergency contacts enable passengers to quickly seek assistance in case of any safety concerns. Additionally, incorporating a ratings and reviews system allows passengers to provide feedback and helps maintain quality and accountability. As a taxi app development company, we prioritize safety and can integrate these features into your app to ensure a secure and reliable taxi service.

The cost of taxi app development depends on various factors, including the complexity of features, design requirements, platform compatibility (iOS, Android, or both), and the development time involved. Each project is unique, and the cost can vary accordingly. It is recommended to discuss your specific requirements with a taxi app development company to get a detailed cost estimate based on your needs. Our company offers customized taxi app development services, and we can provide a cost estimate based on a thorough understanding of your project requirements and goals.

If you are looking to hire taxi app designers and developers, our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in taxi app design & development. We have the expertise to create innovative and reliable taxi app solutions to meet the demands of the modern transportation industry.

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