Microsoft’s New Work App, Loop, is Now Available for Public Preview!

microsoft loop app

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Microsoft is now releasing its Loop app in public preview on the web, Android, and iOS. This app allows for collaborative work on projects with live-updating components that can be used in Microsoft 365 apps like Word and Outlook. For example, users can place a table in a Word document that will update as changes are made. This app was first shown in 2021 and is now available for everyday users to try.

The Loop platform allows users to assign tasks, comment, react, share project pages, and track progress. Additionally, on mobile devices, users can contribute photos even when away from their computer, and all tasks are synced with Planner and To Do.

Microsoft is incorporating AI into Loop. Microsoft 365 Copilot provides AI recommendations to jumpstart your work. You can ask Copilot for assistance in creating a mission statement or summarizing a workspace document.

To try the mobile apps today, a work account is required. However, Loop can be used on the web by anyone. Microsoft says that personal support for mobile is “coming soon.” Currently, Copilot is only available for private testing, but it will be available in the months ahead.

This is not Google Wave again, as we previously mentioned at the Loop reveal. The goal is to unite and synchronize collaborative efforts in a world where emojis are ubiquitous, and people enjoy apps like Asana (for task tracking) and Slack (for chat). Microsoft’s challenge is to encourage people to use its method. Of course, this will not benefit those who are committed to Google’s productivity suite, and Microsoft will need to convince users that Loop is a viable alternative to the multitude of collaborative apps they are already using.

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