How Siri’s Deep Shortcuts Integration in iOS 18 Will Transform Your Daily Life


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Reporter Wayne Ma has discovered new information about a potential feature for Siri in iOS 18. This feature is discussed in a recent report that outlines Apple’s continued investment in conversational AI.

Based on the report, it is anticipated that Siri will have increased integration with Apple’s automation tool Shortcuts in the upcoming iOS 18.
Apple's Advancing Foray into AI: "Apple GPT" in the Competitive Landscape - FutureTech
According to the Information, Apple’s Siri team is planning to incorporate language models that would allow users to automate complex tasks that are currently not possible, such as turning the last five photos taken into a GIF with a voice command.
According to The Information, the new capability is connected to Apple’s Shortcuts app, which allows users to create a sequence of actions using various apps. It is anticipated to be launched alongside a future version of the iPhone’s operating system.
Shortcuts: A New Vision for Siri and iOS Automation - MacStories
The report primarily focuses on Johnny Giannandrea’s role at Apple after his departure from Google. One aspect of Giannandrea’s work involves leading a 16-person conversational AI team known as Foundational Models, which is reportedly investing millions of dollars daily in AI computing.
The report also mentions other teams, such as the Visual Intelligence team that develops software for 3d scenes, and a team focused on long-term research involving multimodal AI.
According to a recent report, Apple’s Ajax GPT large language model is considered to be more capable than ChatGPT 3.5. It is worth noting that the code for AXLearn, the training model for Ajax GPT, was recently made available on GitHub as an open-source project.
Best Shortcuts Supported Apps For iPhone And iPad - iGeeksBlog
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