Catch+Release Unveils Cutting-Edge AI-Powered User-Generated Content Search Tool


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Catch+Release, a startup, has recently unveiled an AI-powered search feature that allows users to search for user-generated content using natural language queries.
The startup offers a service that allows companies to obtain licenses for creator content for their marketing campaigns. Brands have the option to add links from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to their collection for potential use. The new search engine enables them to search for appropriate content without needing to switch between platforms.
According to the startup, marketers typically cannot search for specific queries like “children at a birthday party” on Instagram. Instead, they must rely on keywords and hope that creators have appropriately tagged images or videos. The startup utilizes image recognition technology to identify scenes and objects within these media assets.
One limitation of the search engine is its inability to search the internet. Catch+Release typically requires creators to license their content and import their assets, as well as link their social accounts to the platform. Since launching creator onboarding earlier this year, the company has attracted 600 creators who have indexed over 300,000 items on the platform.
During our test searches, we noticed that the search engine had no trouble finding images related to the query, but it was less successful with videos. Specifically, when searching for “a dog playing in the park,” some of the videos displayed did not actually feature dogs. However, the company assured us that it is continuously working on improving its recognition capabilities
Catch+Release has raised a total of $31.3 million in funding so far, which includes an additional $8 million in an extension round that was announced last month. The company’s investors include Accel, Cervin, and Stagwell, as well as HarbourVest Partners, Kevin Durant’s venture firm 35V, and Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta.
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