Candy Crush’s Tech Guru Reveals the Thrills of AI Advancements in One of the World’s Most Popular Games


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Candy Crush continues to be a successful and popular game in the smartphone industry, even years after its initial release.

Various apps, such as WhatsApp, Tinder, and TikTok, can captivate your attention, but Candy Crush has consistently proven to be highly addictive.

The colorful tile-matching puzzle game, which has been available on Apple and Google’s app stores for over a decade, continues to be enjoyed by 238 million people worldwide as a fun way to pass the time.

It has played a significant role in reshaping the concept of a “gamer”, with individuals ranging from a busy mother on her way to work to a teenager in their dimly lit bedroom

The majority of Candy Crush players are women, and its large number of players has contributed to its annual revenue of over $1 billion for several years.

Developer King has created over 14,000 levels, which have been completed by numerous dedicated fans, possibly providing entertainment during bus and train rides.

After completing the latest stages, they have to wait a few weeks for the next batch, hoping to avoid any existential crisis during the downtime.

The intervals between level releases may become even shorter in the future, due to the impact of generative AI on game development.

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